Faculty Research

Department of Marketing

ZHENG Chundong

Department of Business Administration Associate Professor


研究方向:Brand and Consumer Behavior,Network Marketing, Strategic Management, Emergency Management, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management, Behavioral Finance


【Education and Career】

Time University Specialty Degree/ Position
2002-2005 Tianjin University Technological Economics and Management Ph.D
1996-1999 Tianjin University Technical Economy Master
1992-1996 Tianjin University Bachelor
Jul. 2005-Now College of Management and Economics,         Tianjin University Associate Professor
Apr. 2009-Nov. 2009 Tianjin Binhai New Area Social Development Board Assistant Minister(temporary post)
Jul. 2001-Jun. 2005 School of management, Tianjin University Lecturer
Mar. 1999-Jun. 2001 School of management, Tianjin University Assistant Professor

【Published Monographs】

[1] Participated: Public Sector Risk Management. Tianjin University Press, 2003.8

[2] Participated: Equipment Engineering Supervision Schedule Control. Tianjin University Press, 2004.6

【Journal Paper】

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[22] Zheng Chundong, Zhang Shuaishuai, Duan Qi, Lin Yu. Research on effect of express service recovery on customers repurchase intention when facing express service failure. Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. 2012,17(4):19-23


[1] Zheng Chundong, Chen Tong, Brand Value Supporting System Structure and Evaluation Methods. The Second Class Prize in Tianjin 10th Social Sciences, 2006

[2] He Jinsheng, Zheng Chundong, Tang Jiansheng. Research of Globalization Manufacturing Assessment Model. The Second Class Prize in Tianjin 9th Social Science, 2004

[3] He Jinsheng, Liu Xinming, Zheng Chundong etc. Knowledge of ISO9000 Standards Implementation and Specification consult system. Tianjin Technological Progress Third Class Prizes, 2002

[4] Zhao Cuiyun, Zheng Chundong. The Exploration About the Status and Role of University Unions in Talent Construction. China Committee of ESCHS, National Committee Excellent Survey Achievement Prize, 2008

[5] top ten outstanding youth of Tianjin University(2005)

[6] “The Best Tutor in Our Hearts” in Tianjin University(2010)


【Research Projects】

[1] The model of brand extension evaluation and dimension identification as well as intensity measurements on the view of asymmetric cognition, belonging to the National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, 2011-2013.

[2] Enhance the capability of construction of Ecological and livable city By Emergency technology, belonging to Tianjin science and technology development strategy research programs, 2010-2011

[3] Brand Extensions’ Decision Based on the Dynamic Gradual Boundary Model, belonging to Tianjin Social Science Fund,2008-2009

[4] Technology Development Strategy and Countermeasures Dealing with the Aging of the Population (One of subtopics), belonging to Tianjin Science and Technology Committee and Strategic Planning Subject, 2007-2008

[5] Tianjin long-term technology development planning and “11th five-year” technology development planning in key areas of health task, belonging to Tianjin Science and Technology Committee Subject, 2004-2005

【Enterprise Cooperative Projects】

[1] Tianjin 12319 Urban Construction Service Hotline Development Strategy and Management Optimization. Service Centre of Tianjin Urban Construction Hotline, 2009-2010

[2] research on how to improve the service of Tianjin 12319 Urban Construction Hotline,Institute of Tianjin City Construction Engineering Technology,2012

Academic & social Service

【Academic Part-time Jobs】

[1] Standing director of the Tianjin Brand Society

[2] Standing director of the Tianjin Scienology research society