About CoME


  • From 1895 to 1949 Originating period

    The earliest management education in Tianjin University can be traced back to the early days of its predecessor Peiyang University. In 1942, the Department of Industrial Management was formally established during the period of Northwest United University.

  • From 1978 to 1984 Creating period

    It was the first to resume management education after China's reform and opening up.

  • In 1978

    the establishment of System Engineering Institute was approved by the Ministry of Education.

  • In 1979

    the Department of Industrial Management Engineering was established.

  • From 1984 to 1991 Development period

    Major disciplines such as systems engineering, management science and engineering, and business administration developed rapidly during this period.

  • In 1984

    upon the approval of the Ministry of Education, Tianjin University established the School of Management consisting of the Department of Management Engineering and the Systems Engineering Institute.

  • In 1987

    the Department of Technical Economics and System Engineering was founded, belonging to the School of Management.

  • From 1991 to 2009 Growth period

    Under the background of the transformation of the national economic system to "market economy", MBA, MPA and EMBA education have been offered in the first batch of pilot programs in China. Management Science and Engineering has been awarded as the National Key Discipline, and Technical Economics and Management has been awarded as the National Key (Cultivated) Discipline.

  • In 2000

    the Institute of Technical Economics and Quantitative Economics was founded.

  • In 2003

    the School of Public Administration was established with the Institute of Public Administration under its jurisdiction.

  • In 2005

    the Institute of Human Resources and Social Security was established in the School of Public Administration.

  • From 2009 to now Integration and Development of Innovation period

    CoME has been set up through the reform of the department system, and the College of Professional Degree and Advanced Management Training has been further established to realize the integrated development of various professional degree programs. In the third round of discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education in 2013, the discipline of management science and engineering of Tianjin University ranked second.

  • In 2009

    College of Management and Economics was reconstituted during the faculty system reform of the university.

  • In 2011

    the National School of Secrecy was established relying on CoME. (3)In 2012, Key Research Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities: China Social Computing Research Center of CoME was approved.

  • In 2012

    Key Research Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities: China Social Computing Research Center of CoME was approved.

  • In 2013

    the National Research Base for Intellectual Property Strategy and Implementation (Tianjin University) was established.

  • In 2013

    MBA、EMBA、MPA programs of Tianjin University was accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

  • In 2014

    30th anniversary of CoME, Tianjin University.

  • In 2014

    International Advisory Board of Management and Economics Tianjin University was established.

  • In 2015

    Xuanhuai School of Entrepreneurship was established.

  • In 2015

    CoME passed the five-year Chinese Advanced MBA Education Accreditation (CAMEA).

  • In 2017

    Management and Economics Discipline became Double First-class discipline in Tianjin University.

  • In 2017

    Ma Yinchu School of Economics was established.

  • In 2017

    Management Science and Engineering was assessed as A in the fourth round of discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education.

  • In 2018

    MBA/EMBA/MPA programs of CoME was re-accredited by AMBA, and obtained the highest accreditation period of 5 years.

  • In 2018

    on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Resumption of Management Education in Tianjin University, the presidents of business schools from 29 universities gathered at Tianjin University and put forward the New Business · TJU Initiative.

  • In 2019

    the Reshaping Business Education MBA Alliance was initiated by CoME and jointly established by business schools from 10 universities.