About CoME


  Tianjin University, established in 1895 with the name of Peiyang University, is the first modern university in China. At present, Tianjin University has grown into a National Key University directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education of China. With the tradition of diligence and modesty, Tianjin University holds the Motto of“Seeking Truth from Facts”and enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad for its“Precise in Learning, Strict in Teaching”as well as the “Patriotism and dedication”of its graduates.

  Tianjin University started to offer management courses in 1978 and established its School of Management in 1984 which was one of the earliest universities to establish school of management authorized by the Ministry of Education of China. In order to further stimulate the innovation vitality of primary academic units and enhance the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of management and economics disciplines, in 2009, Tianjin University took the lead in trying out administrative reform in management and economics disciplines with restructuring its departments and institutions. College of Management and Economics (CoME) was set up as a broad and new platform for management and economics disciplines to develop and grow.

  CoME now contains three first-class disciplines in Management, as Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration and Public Administration; one first-class discipline in Economics, as Applied Economics; one second-class discipline in Engineering, as Systems Engineering. Among them, Management Science and Engineering is the first-class National Key Discipline, Technological Economics and Management is the second-class National Key Discipline approved by the Ministry of Education, and three first-class disciplines (Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration and Public Administration) are key disciplines of Tianjin. Besides, CoME has three bases of Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences, supporting the development of disciplines.

  At present, CoME has three doctoral degree programs of first-class discipline in Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration and Public Administration, master's degree program of first-class discipline in Applied Economics, 17 doctoral degree programs of second-class discipline, 21 master's degree programs of second-class discipline, and 12 professional master's degree programs. The bachelor programs offer financial management, e-business, construction management, business administration, industrial engineering, information management and information science, and confidentiality management, logistics engineering (smart supply chain and operation management) and finance.

  In January 2013, in the third round of National Disciplines Evaluation by the Ministry of Education, TJU's Management Science and Engineering (first-class discipline) ranked second among 102 participating universities in China; Business Administration ranked 17th among 115 participating universities in China. In September 2017, Management and Economics Discipline became the Double First-class discipline in TJU. In the fourth round of National Disciplines Evaluation by the Ministry of Education, Management Science and Engineering was rated as A, and Business Administration and Public Administration was rated as B+. In the first National Professional Degree Evaluation, TJU MBA program was rated as A, and MPA program was rated as B+.

  CoME of Tianjin University officially passed the AACSB international certification, with a certification period of 5 years.TJU is the first university in China to simultaneously submit MBA, EMBA and MPA programs and all of them was accredited by AMBA of five-year certificate. CoME has actively joined AACSB and obtained the five-year certificate of Advanced MBA Education in China (CAMEA). The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) has passed two international accreditations, i.e. by International Project Management Association (IPMA) and by Project Management Institute (PMI). The Engineering Management has passed the joint certification of CIOB and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development. Financial Management has been certified by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CPA Australia.

  CoME has 176 full-time faculty, including 58 professors (inclusive of 8 chair professors and 13 talent professors), 95 associate professors (inclusive of associate researchers), and 23 assistant professors (inclusive of tenure-track assistant professors). Among them, there are 8 National Leading Talents, 9 State-Council Allowance Obtained Experts, 7 National Youth Talents, 1 member of the discipline assessment group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 1 Innovation Team conferred by MoE, 9 members in the Ministry of Education Institution of Higher Learning Teaching Guidance Committee, 7 received Award of Baogang outstanding Teacher and 3 awarded as Tianjin Teaching Master.

  Professor Herbert A. Simon, a famous Nobel Prize winner in economics, was once employed as an honorary professor; Professor Li Rong-rong, former chairman of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) of China and doctoral supervisor of TJU, was once employed as honorary dean of CoME. Ms. Dong Ming-zhu, chairman and president of Gree Electric Appliances, was employed as an adjunct professor of TJU Business Administration. Mr. Jin Xiao-jian, former president and chairman of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., is an adjunct professor of Management Science and Engineering in TJU. In addition, more than 30 famous experts and scholars from famous universities, large enterprises and government institutions in China and other countries are invited as visiting and adjunct professors.

  CoME has made a series of achievements in scientific research fields such as scientific research awards and projects, publication and monographs. In terms of scientific research awards, 7 research achievements have won the second and third prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award. In the past five years, CoME has won one first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award by MoE, one second prize of Natural Science Award, one third prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award of Colleges and Universities; three second prizes and three third prizes of provincial and ministerial level Science and Technology Progress Award; and 38 Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award of Tianjin, including 9 first prizes and 3 second prizes. In terms of scientific research projects, CoME has obtained more than 500 scientific research projects in the past five years. Closely combined with the characteristics of China's situation and the needs of national strategy, the research Several Basic Theories and Methods Of Financial Innovation and Risk Management in the Context of the Internet was awarded the National Natural Science Foundation's major project and Research on Regional Joint Prevention and Control System and Management Technology System of Air Pollution was awarded the National Key R&D Project. Moreover, three major projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China and six key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China were awarded, contributing to the steady growth in research funds. In publishing monographs, CoME has published 26 monographs in Science Press and China Economic Press in the past five years. Journal of Management Science and Journal of System Engineering, edited and undertook by CoME, are both highly authoritative academic journals with nationally known experts in management science and system engineering field as the members of editorial board. According to the latest periodical assessment report by ISTIC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China), the Impact Factors of the two journals top the similar journals in China. The English edition of Journal of Management Science and Engineering (JMSE), founded by Journal of Management Science and Science Press, was funded by Science and Technology Journal International Influence Promotion Program in China since its initial publication in 2016.

  CoME is also very active in international collaborations. Every year, an average of 100 overseas highly qualified scholars are invited. Over the years, CoME has extensive collaborations in teaching, scientific research and academic exchanges with universities from more than 20 foreign countries and regions, such as USA, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan; as well as international organizations like World Bank and European Union. At the same time, more than 30 staff are sent abroad for academic exchanges or advance learning programs every year. CoME has won bountiful supports from these countries, regions and organizations in terms of research funds, teaching facilities and discipline construction, which has greatly promoted the improvement of teaching and scientific research level.