Education Programs


  1. Main Research Field

  Development of financial products and trade strategy; investment analysis and wealth management; financial risk management; financial engineering and management

  2. Features

  Finance theory is to interpret the operation law of financial practice. Since 1950s, with the gradual completement of main financial economics theory, more and more difficult financial practice is also challenging such theoretical system. Especially when the world financial crisis happened in America, such theoretical system began to show its boundedness of itself gradually. Global financial practice is pushing the development of new model of financial development. Accordingly, financial practice circle is also expecting the newly senior financial talents.

  In this respect, the new financial theory more open-ended in Europe has not only improved the main financial theory (to consider imperfect market conditions from more complicated aspects and emphasize the impact of heterogeneous beliefs of investors to market), but also paid attention to the influence in financial operation rule by their specific investment behaviors, expectation ways, trading activities and other factors.

  At the same time, Chinese financial practice has not only been ever-increasingly mature, but also showed some practical features different from main financial theory. Therefore, China is in bad need to cultivate senior management talents based on China but with global orientation, so as to adapt to global economic integration and participate in international cooperation and competition.

  Thus, Tianjin University combines the specialty of international scholars from Europe, Oceania and other international scholars (University Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne), with its leading strength of financial engineering, computational experiment and other new financial fields, and cooperates with distinguished alumni and financial institution at home and abroad, so as to establish an international and practical “master experiment class of finance”.

  3.Main Scientific Research Programs and Achievements in Recent Years

  As the first university in modern China, Tianjin University is one of the first batch to launch the scientific research and education in financial engineering and to carry out scientific development and talent training of financial engineering, which has helped Tianjin University win high reputation.

  Professor Zhang Wei is one of the earliest scholars to engage in the research and education of financial engineering. Since 1955, he has directed and finished more than ten programs internationally and provincially including the program topic “financial risk analysis, prevention and control” from National Natural Science Funds. He has also made more than two hundred publications in high-level academic journals internationally and nationally.

  Tianjin University has always focused on the application of financial engineering theory, thought and technique, together with the cultivation of middle and senior financial engineering talents, and got many obvious achievements in financial risk management, computation experiment finance, financial derivatives, start-up financing, behavioral finance and other fields. Its financial risk management and computation experiment finance with its lead in China, have always provided the consultation service for financial innovation, financial product design, corporate finance, corporate strategy and other financial practice for related entity departments.

  4.Application Introduction in Recent Years

  Master experiment class of finance is charged; admission, cultivation and others can be found in the website of College of Management and Economics in Tianjin University.

  5.Main Courses and Dissertation Requirements for Master

  Such the whole cultivation includes degree course (to lay good foundation for students from macroeconomics principles, basic operation rules of financial system, and mathematics tools for analysis of financial economics); compulsory course (to help students understand the dynamic rules of financial market from traditional and post-modern ways); practical aspects (strengthen students’ understanding and ability of financial practice from practical training, simulation experiment, lectures of front trends); elective course (include three modules of analysis and modeling of financial information, financial innovation principles and risk management, operation of financial institution, more than ten professional advanced courses).

  The cultivation of postgraduates will adopt classroom teaching, team learning, case analysis, simulation experiment, practical training and others. Its features are as follows:

  1. complex teaching: the full-time teachers are internationally famous professors, nationally professional scholars and famous teachers of Tianjin University, and they have leading international academic influence, firm practical ability and excellent teaching ability;

  2. practice front: invite professional and international faculty to open classes of financial theory and practice front, discuss and analysis the new trend of financial market, financial product, financial events and others;

  3. simulation training: provide students with systematical simulation training, strengthen their perceptual knowledge and improve their practical operation ability of finance by virtue of financial experiment equipment. training: design the financial training of half a year both guided by practice tutors and academic tutors by virtue of training base establishment of strategic cooperation with internationally and nationally financial institutions, so as to improve students’ knowledge application ability through their training and independent special report.

  The selection of master dissertation should come from financial training, and have certain theoretical meaning and high practical application value. The masters shall understand the academic trend by virtue of broad literature and finish the dissertation on base of independent research report for financial training. The dissertation should have new views which will have large reference value for practical departments; the writing shall be arranged orderly and conform to basic academic writing standards.

  6. Employment

  At present, the graduates from finance and related majors engage in asset management, risk management, product development and others in many financial institutions which include: Bank of China (head office), China Construction Bank (head office), Changsheng Fund Management Co., Ltd, China Financial Futures Exchange, China Development Bank (head office), Shenzhen Development Bank (head office), Great Wall Fund Management Co. , Ltd, Agriculture Bank of China (head office), Industrial Bank and Commercial Bank of China (head office), Industrial Bank (head office), Citic Securities (investment office), China Citic Bank (head office), Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd (head office), Shanghai Stock Exchange, etc.

  1. be familiar with operation of commercial bank, asset management, credit man agent and other knowledge and skills, and then enter into commercial banks and supervision department;

  2.have the abilities of investment and financing management, financial trade operation, financial analysis, and engage in the management work in securities companies, fund institutions and investment bank;

  3. have the abilities of financial product design and pricing as well as financial risk management, and engage in quantitive analysis in securities companies, fund institutions and investment bank;