The College of Management and Economics (CoME) takes serving the national development strategy as its mission, actively expands international partners, carries out various overseas exchange activities, and strives to cultivate innovative talents with international competitiveness.

  Expanding global cooperation to cultivate international talents. CoME has established cooperative relations with more than 50 internationally renowned universities such as University College London, University of Maryland, Moscow State University, etc. to carry out exchange activities such as joint training of students, exchanges of teachers and students, and scientific research cooperation.

  Building a communication platform to enhance the international influence of CoME. In recent years, CoME has organized many international conferences including the “2019 China International Conference on Production and Operation Management” and the “11th International Symposium on Computational Transportation Science” with world influence; more than 200 well-known international experts and scholars are invited to visit the college every year and carry out various academic exchange activities.

  Introducing international consultants and experts to help the innovation and development of CoME. CoME has established the “International Advisory Board of Management and Economics of Tianjin University”, inviting the world’s leading business (political) leaders, well-known management experts, economists, and social elites to provide strategic guidance for the development of the college; CoME has appointed the Nobel Prize winner Robert A. Mundell as Honorary Professor of Tianjin University, assisting the college to explore new business school development models and cultivate innovative business talents.