Faculty Research

Department of Marketing

BAI Yanzhuang

Department of Business Administration Associate Professor


研究方向:Human resource management Marketing


【Education and Career】

Time University Specialty Degree/ Position
2002-2004 Tianjin University Management science and Engineering Ph.D
1998-2001 Tianjin University of Technology Business Administration Master
1994-1998 Hebei University of Technology Business Administration Bachelor
July,2006-Now College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University Associate Professor
July,2004- June,2006 School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin University Post-doctor

【Published Monographs】

[1] Wang jinfeng, Bai yanzhuang, The pursuit of excellence: the plan of core competitiveness of enterprises building, China Economic Publishing House, 2003.

【Journal paper】

[1] Wang bo,Bai Yan-zhuang, The study of green supply chain management for enterprises sustainable development[J]. Scientific Management Research,. 2004,(1):5-9

[2] Wang bo,Bai Yan-zhuang, Applications of Green Design in Food Processing Machinery[J]. Machinery For Cereals,oil and Food Processing. 2004,(2):64-66

[3] Wang bo,Bai Yan-zhuang, The Study of Development Pole Theory in the Development of Western Regions [J]. Journal of Northwest A&F University(Social Science Edition). 2004,(2):40-44.

[4] Bai Yan-zhuang,Wang bo. Enterprises’ Performance Appraisals: the Balanced Scorecard and Planning Task [J]. Journal of Tianjin University (Social Sciences). 2004,(3)246-250.

[5] Bai Yan-zhuang, Du Jun-tao., The Mode of Development Pole and the Strategy for Developing Western China [J]. Journal of China University of Geosciences(Social Sciences Edition. 2004,(3)15-18.

[6] Bai Yan-zhuang, Shi Nian-ke,Luo Yan. Research on increasing the transfer efficiency of medical personnel training[J] Chinese Journal of Hospital Administration. 2006,(22)295-297

[7] Bai Yan-zhuang,Zhao Guang-jie,Wang bo. Grey Synthetic Evaluation of Enterprise Technological Innovation Ability [J] Journal of Tianjin University,. 2006,(6)342-347

[8] Cheng Yan-qin, Yu Hong-xia,Bai Yan-zhuang,the local government factors and Countermeasures of House prices bubble[J], Journal of Statistics and Decision 2007(6):116-117

[9] Bai Yan-zhuang, Feng Yu-fang, Research on Motivation and Strategy for Brand Expansion from the Angle of Ecology[J],Modern Finance and Economics-Journal .2009(12):66-70


【Research Projects】

[1] Research on zero profit drug effect tracking and Improvement forTianjin city community health service institutions, belonging to theTianjin Social Science Foundation, 2010-2011.

[2] Research on Support policy of domestic and foreign private medical institutions and international medical city development for the Binhai New Area, belonging to the Binhai New Area Development and Innovation Committee ,2012-2013

【Company Cooperative Projects】

[1] Tianjin Waterworks Group Limited company human resources management center organization and management system design, Tianjin Waterworks Group Limited company,2012

Academic & social Service

【Academic Part-time Jobs】

[1] Member of China Marketing Association

【Social Part-time Jobs】

[1] Consultant of Hebei Beixiang Group

[2] Consultant of Tianjin Airport Industrial Park

[3] Entrepreneurship trainer of Tianjin University Student Innovation Education Center

[4] Member of Bohai Morning Post Doctoral Adviser Group