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Department of Marketing

TANG Jiansheng

Department of Business Administration Associate Professor


研究方向:trategic Management: internal and external environmental analysis and strategic positioning of Enterprise, Choice of strategy, Strategy implementation and evaluation, core competitiveness of enterprises creation and enhancement, Standardization Management Platform for SMEs Corporate Culture: the Misunderstanding of enterprise culture and Prevention Strategies, The construction of Core enterprise culture and process control, How to choose the Mode of Corporate Culture, Risk of cross-border business culture and prevention strategy Knowledge Management: the specific use and core values of Knowledge management in modern enterprise management, the optimization and integration of Enterprise knowledge resources, the Establishment and maintenance of a learning organization Human Resource Management: recruitment, training, compensation and performance appraisal plan


【Education and Career】

Time University Specialty Degree
2002-2004 Tianjin University Technology Economics and Management Ph.D
1999-2002 Tianjin University Business management Master
1995-1999 Tianjin University Systems Engineering Bachelor

【Journal Paper】

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【Research Projects】

[1] “Organizational learning model of knowledge fermenting”, Issues of National Natural Science Foundation of China

[2] “Knowledge Management System Framework based on Knowledge Fermenting Model” ,Project of Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education

[3] “Intellectual Property Protection and Reverse Engineering”,Issues of The Ministry of Science and Technology of National Soft Science Research Program

[4] “Building a learning society and lifelong learning System of Tianjin ”,Issues of Tianjin Education Science "the tenth five years program "

[5] National Technical Import and Technology Innovation Strategy of China, copartner: Professor Kirit ,Aston Business School Birmingham UK

【Enterprise Cooperation Project】

[1] Industrial Structure Adjustment of Tianjin

[2] The research on the management system and operational mechanism of CNPC Tianjin Branch

[3] Tianjin Plastics Group Strategy

[4] Corporate Development Strategy of shuangji Peking University

[5] Customer Relationship Management of Bohai oil extraction technology service company

[6] A financial analysis of Tianjin Yiqing Group

[7] Investment and Financing Decision of Handan Iron and Steel Group

[8] ISO9001 certified consulting and training for South Korean Foreign

[9] ISO9000 Standards Implementation and Development decision advisory system

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