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讲座预告 | MBA大讲堂—张晓飞:IT设备获取方式对用户使用决策的影响研究

发布时间:2020-09-16    来源:

The Influence of Buying vs. Receiving an IT-based Device on User Commitment




讲座内容:IT-based mobile devices (i.e., smart devices), especially those with health monitoring features, are popular gifts. However, little is known about a recipient’s commitment to using the smart device when it is obtained as a gift. Gaining a better understanding of this popular adoption context will not only improve our understanding of IT use, but also have practical implications for the smart device industry. To explore the influence of gift-giving on user perceptions and usage, five studies are reported. These studies build on the IT use literature, the gift-giving literature, and social exchange theory to investigate whether and how gift-giving leads to device commitment. Specifically, we found three contextual factor – receiving the smart device as a gift (versus buying for yourself), providing emotional support when giving the gift, and giving the gift on an unexpected gift occasion – can increase recipients’ symbolic of the smart device. Additionally, recipients’ cognitive value of the smart device negatively moderates the positive effect of symbolic value on device commitment. These results provide novel insight into the relationship between IT use and gift-giving and also provide implications for future research and the smart device industry.


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