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讲座预告 | A Dual-Path Model of the Effects of Evening Cyber Leisure on Employees’ Sleep and Next-Day Work

发布时间:2019-10-28    来源:





嵇月婷,Georgetown University经济学硕士,中国人民大学劳动人事学院管理学在读博士。论文发表在Journal of Vocational Behavior,Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology等英文期刊,研究方向为employee well-being,leader-follower interaction。


We propose a dual-path model based on the recovery perspective, in order to discuss the paradoxical effects of employees’ evening cyber leisure on their work. We measure the effects against the following day’s work outcomes, namely, psychological vitality, performance, and cyberloafing. Specifically, we argue the paradoxical effects result from the contradicting impact of evening cyber leisure on global sleep quality, which links employees’ evening life and next-day work outcomes together. 

Through disentangling the impacts on global sleep quality, we first reiterate the concern about the problem of poor sleep hygiene—bedtime procrastination caused by the evening usage of cyber devices. Meanwhile, we discover the advantage of using cyber devices in enhancing employees’ global sleep quality and in presenting an alternative of psychological detachment from work. Further, we propose that employees with higher levels of trait mindfulness can better manage their evening usage of cyber devices for leisure. Data collected from 10-day daily reports of 161 R&D employees of a bio-tech company support the proposed model.

Finally, we discuss the implications of assisting employees in managing their sleep and work cycles in these cyber times.  

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