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讲座预告 | 如何在国际期刊上发表会计财务类文章

发布时间:2018-12-18    来源:
主讲人:董轶哲(Yizhe Dong


Yizhe Dong received his PhD degree from the Loughborough University, and MSc and MA from Cardiff University and Nottingham University, respectively. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh in 2018, he worked at Durham University as a post-doctoral Fellow in Accounting and Finance, Aberystwyth University as a Lecturer in Finance and then Senior Lecturer in University of Aberdeen.

Dr. Dong’s research interests lie inbanking and financial institutions, efficiency analysis, corporate governance,corporate finance, equity valuation and risk management. He has published more than 10 academic papers and 6 book chapters, including publications in the European Journal of Operation Research, European Journal of Finance, International Review Financial Analysis, British Accounting Review, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money and other internationally renowned journals. Dr. Dong has also co-organized several international academic conferences with leading academic journals on the themes of microfinance, entrepreneurial finance, financial markets, etc.

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