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“能源、环境与发展”系列讲座第五期 人力资本质量、制度质量和环境质量

发布时间:2018-11-29    来源:
主讲人张林  助理教授




时间 201812513:30-15:00
地点 天津大学25A3C教室

主持 张中祥 天津大学马寅初经济学院院长






张林瑞士苏黎世联邦理工经济学博士,现任香港城市大学能源及环境学院助理教授、博士生导师。曾任瑞士苏黎世联邦理工经济研究中心高级研究员,瑞士能源研究中心数值模拟实验室顾问研究员。长期从事能源经济学、能源需求与效率、能源-环境-经济系统建模的研究工作,擅长运用经济学、运筹学、数理统计等多学科交叉的理论方法研究能源经济中的实际问题和相关政策。论文发表在Energy Economics, European Economic ReviewJournal of Environmental Economics and ManagementResource and Energy EconomicsThe Energy Journal等经济学期刊。




This presentation addresses the sustainable development dilemma between environment and growth by constructing a theoretical framework with empirical support. We argue that the improvement of either human capital or institutional quality alone does not resolve environmental challenges. A joint effect between the two is required to alleviate environmental impact for any economy. Our theoretical model features a simple channel between human capital and institution for pollution mitigation. A cross-country dataset from 133 nations over the 1990–2014 period is used to test our theoretical predictions. We find that quality-adjusted human capital, which combines with better institution, tends to produce less pollution. This effect becomes more pronounced when better rule of law and control of corruption are effectively executed. Our result remains the same with instrumental variable approach and survives over a series of robustness checks. Relevant policy implications are discussed.

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