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讲座预告|Combating Sedentary Lifestyle: A Longitudinal Field Experiment on Mobile Fitness App

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  讲座主题Combating Sedentary Lifestyle: A Longitudinal Field Experiment on Mobile Fitness App
        主讲人:Dr. Ben Chun Feng Choi (蔡峻锋)



  Ben Choi is an assistant professor in Information Technology and Operations Management at the Nanyang Technological University. He was previously a faculty at the University of New South Wales. Ben received his B Sci and PhD in Information Systems from National University of Singapore. He has been named the Reviewer of the Year 2016 at MIS Quarterly. He has published multiple papers in premier information systems journals including, Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, and Journal of the Association for Information Systems. His research interests focus on mobile healthcare and analytics, information privacy, and social media.


  Mobile fitness apps offer a novel and powerful channel to deliver behavioral interventions at a massive scale. As thousands of fitness tracking solutions emerge, the lack of systematic research quantifying their effectiveness on exercise outcomes becomes more prominent. Drawing on the self-regulation and self-presentation literature, this paper elucidates the effects of mobile fitness app on health outcomes. Specifically, this study examines two common motivational designs of mobile fitness apps, namely private tracking and social sharing, on app usage, which in turn influence health outcomes in the long-run. The results of our longitudinal field experiment reveal strong evidence that mobile fitness apps help improve health. Furthermore, compared with private tracking, social sharing leads to lower body fatness and higher physical fitness, however the effects of social sharing diminish over time. The theoretical and practical implications of the findings are discussed.

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