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  主 持 人:刘伟华 教授

  主 讲 人:周莉  教授




  周莉,博士生导师,英国格林威治大学运营管理教授。她是英国Supply Chain Research Group的创始人和董事。该集团是根据英国研究卓越框架2014年发起的,这是一个国际领先的研究小组。她在中国、瑞典和英国的国际职业生涯中担任过几个不同的领导角色,从项目领导到团队领导,在中国政府、瑞典学院和企业资助的多个项目中担任团队成员。这些研究项目涵盖从产品设计到教育和管理咨询。到目前为止,她已经有超过100篇文章发表在不同的形式,包括期刊论文,编辑的书籍章节,和会议论文。她的作品(除其他外)出现在国际认可的高影响力期刊上,如“International Journal of Production Economics”, “OR Spectrum”, “OMEGA-The International Journal of Management Science”, and “Supply Chain Management: An International Journal”。她也是《International Journal of Production Economics》的三个专刊的特邀编辑。


  System dynamic (SD) performance reflectsthe cost in a supply chain. This research investigates a three-echelonmanufacturing and remanufacturing closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) constitutingof a retailer, a manufacturer and a supplier. Each echelon, apart from itsusual operations in the forward SC (FSC), has its own reverse logistics (RL)operations. We assume that RL information is transparent to the FSC, and thesame replenishment policies are used throughout the supply chain. We focus onthe impact on dynamic performance of uncertainties in the return yield, RL leadtime and the product consumption lead time. Two outcomes are studied: orderrate and serviceable inventory. The results suggest that higher return yieldimproves dynamic performance in terms of overshoot and risk of stock-out with aunit step response as input. And, when the return yield reaches a certainlevel, the classic bullwhip propagation normally associated with the FSC doesnot always hold in CLSC. We also study bullwhip and inventory variance whendemand is a random variable. Our analysis suggests that higher return yieldcontributes to reduced bullwhip and inventory variance at the echelon level butfor the CLSC as a whole the level of bullwhip may decrease as well as increaseas it propagates along the supply chain. 

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