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“能源、环境与发展”系列讲座第四期 东亚天然气定价机制转型中的若干问题

发布时间:2017-09-14    来源:

主讲人:施训鹏 博士





主持:张中祥 天津大学马寅初经济学院院长、千人计划卓越教授



施训鹏,悉尼科技大学澳大利亚-中国关系研究院首席研究员、新加坡国立大学能源研究所兼职资深研究员和澳大利亚中国经济研究学会(CESA)会长,兼任Journal of Modelling in Management期刊副主编。2003年获邓迪大学法律硕士学位,2006年、2009年分别获得澳大利亚国立大学经济学硕士、博士学位。获英国“志奋领”奖学金(2013-2014)和“国家优秀自费留学生奖学金(2009)”。2009-2013年担任东亚东盟经济研究院能源经济学家,2013-2014年担任文莱国家能源研究所首席研究员,2014-2016年担任新加坡国立大学能源研究所资深研究员、能源经济部副主任。研究领域包括中国经济、东亚天然气定价机制、煤炭产业政策,以及能源市场一体化和互联互通、能效和可再生能源等经济和政策问题。最近五年在Energy Economics, Energy Policy Applied Energy等能源经济和政策领域期刊上发表论文20余篇。


East Asia is gearing to change its dominant oil indexed long term contracts to more flexible hub (spot) indexed contracts for its LNG and gas imports. Given that it is an ongoing process and few attention has been paid by academia, studies on this topic are very limited. This topic, however, is compellingly needed to make informed decision by the gas industry and policy makers. Since East Asia accounts for one quarter of global gas demand and more than 60% of LNG trade, the topic is important for the world as well.

This presentation will explain the motivation, progress, challenges and research questions raised from the transition of gas pricing in East Asia. It starts with an introduction of gas pricing mechanisms and why East Asia starts this transition, how important is the topic and what the key research questions. Next, it will explain how selected issues, such as impact of oil indexation to hub pricing, low oil prices and China’s uncertainties have been addressed, using a world gas trading model. Studies to address issues such as Asian Premium, gas bible and risk spillover with econometrics will further be described. The presentation will conclude with highlights of issues for future investigation.

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