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   讲座预告 | CAV-Data-Driven Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control [2019-05-24]
   讲座预告 | Real Earnings Smoothing and Managerial Compensation Incentives [2019-05-24]
   讲座预告 | Structural Decomposition Analysis Applied to Energy and Emissions – Recent Developments and Future Trends [2019-05-14]
   讲座预告 | Castles in the Air? The management of the construction firm [2019-05-09]
   讲座预告 | Co-creation of value and the project context: Towards application on the case of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station [2019-05-09]
   讲座预告 | Initial Crypto-asset offerings (ICOs), tokenization and corporate governance [2019-05-09]
   讲座预告 | Theorizing Your Contributions [2019-05-07]
   讲座预告 | Quantifying the Unknown: Inferred Reviewer Personality and Review Helpfulness [2019-05-06]
   讲座预告 | Information Overload: An Empirical Analysis of SEC Filing Volumes and Analyst Forecast Properties [2019-05-05]
   讲座预告 | Regulatory Demand and Earnings Management in IPOs [2019-04-30]
   讲座预告 | Platform Competition under Network Effects: Piggybacking and Optimal Subsidization [2019-04-25]
   讲座预告|Portfolio Optimization with Regime-Switching [2019-04-24]
   讲座预告 | A URC bridged CDS implied volatility and associated trading strategies (信用违约互换隐含的波动率计算及相关交易策略) [2019-04-22]
   讲座预告 | Policy Interventions, Liquidity and Clientele Effects in the Chinese Corporate Credit Bond Market [2019-04-18]
   讲座预告 | 金融监管与金融创新的共同演化分析暨厦门大学经济学科研究生招收宣讲会 [2019-04-11]
   讲座预告 | Publishing in Management International Journals [2019-04-08]
   讲座预告 | Beyond reciprocity: A conservation of resources view on the effects of psychological contract violation on third parties [2019-04-08]
   讲座预告 | Spreading Words Online in Disasters [2019-03-28]
   讲座预告 | Dynamical Models of Route Choice and Signal Control [2019-03-28]
   “经济学系列讲座”第27期 Risk vs. Risk: Tradeoffs in Regulatory Governance [2019-03-22]
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