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   讲座预告 | 如何撰写国际同行审阅论文? [2019-06-26]
   讲座预告 | “新商科·新领袖”系列大讲堂——FinTech:技术驱动的金融创新 [2019-06-20]
   讲座预告 | 管理层语言风格匹配与公司决策 [2019-06-20]
   讲座预告 | The effect of weight change on performance evaluation [2019-06-13]
   讲座预告 | Operational Risk Management: A Stochastic Control Framework with Preventive and Corrective Controls [2019-06-13]
   讲座预告 | SCHEDULING IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRIES: Theory and Applications [2019-06-13]
   讲座预告 | Creative Destruction and Venture Capital Investment (创造性破坏和风险投资) [2019-06-12]
   讲座预告 | University-Creative Industries Knowledge Exchange [2019-06-12]
   讲座预告 | Examining Built Environmental Correlates of Neighborhood Satisfaction: A Focus on Analysis Approaches [2019-05-30]
   讲座预告 | Coopetition in Ride Sharing Economy [2019-05-28]
   讲座预告 | 5G时代,人力资源实现数字化和智能的有关问题 [2019-05-27]
   讲座预告 | Respecting Context to Study Privacy: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [2019-05-27]
   讲座预告 | Validity Concerns in Research Using Organic Data [2019-05-27]
   讲座预告 | CAV-Data-Driven Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control [2019-05-24]
   讲座预告 | Real Earnings Smoothing and Managerial Compensation Incentives [2019-05-24]
   讲座预告 | Structural Decomposition Analysis Applied to Energy and Emissions – Recent Developments and Future Trends [2019-05-14]
   讲座预告 | Castles in the Air? The management of the construction firm [2019-05-09]
   讲座预告 | Co-creation of value and the project context: Towards application on the case of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station [2019-05-09]
   讲座预告 | Initial Crypto-asset offerings (ICOs), tokenization and corporate governance [2019-05-09]
   讲座预告 | Theorizing Your Contributions [2019-05-07]
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