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Xuan Huai College (CSC Entrepreneurship College) Made Female Students Entrepreneurship Dream Come True

Date2016-07-05    From

"How to expand consumer groups, attract and retain customers, build brands?" This is the main problem Li encountered currently, who is a student in 2012 Logistics Major, CoME, Tianjin University wants to start her business.

In the current boom of entrepreneurship and innovation, the group of entrepreneurship girls (female-student entrepreneurs, referred as EG) attracts particular concern; it takes more courage and perseverance for them to step on the road of entrepreneurship. What sort of dreams and aspirations do EGs have? And which kind of entrepreneurship confusion they may have? What can entrepreneurial mentors do for them?

On Mar. 18, 2016, Xuan Huai College (CSC Entrepreneurship College) organized the first business counselling activity Made Female Students Entrepreneurship Dream Come True at the Straw Hat Maker Space, located near Tianjin University. More than 30 business mentors, who are business founders, investors, environmental experts, medical experts and psychologists from Tianjin Youth League, Municipal Women's Federation, Tianjin University and other various industries in Beijing and Tianjin, gathered together to conduct in-depth dialogue and carry out group counselling activities for the EGs of Tianjin University.

Associate Professor of CoME, Zheng Chundong provided three suggestions for entrepreneurship students; first, the current conditions for entrepreneurship are particularly good, some students determined to follow this trend. However, students have to think about: If there is no such a good policy, will you go entrepreneurship? If the answer is no, then do not to start a business. Second, the selection of business projects must have your own professional advantages, to cater to your interests, and be feasible. Third, the students should be down to earth. Some entrepreneurs feel that they are CEOs, and then they pay too much attention to strategic issues, which leads to their neglect to the specific work. To start a successful entrepreneurship, the prerequisite is to down to earth to do their business. Li Zhongying, in the first batch of dual-degree Business Administration (innovation and entrepreneurship direction) Xuan Huai School, Tianjin University enthusiastically walked on the stage, told everyone her reason for no hesitation to apply for this major, she likes challenging life and entrepreneurship represents the struggling spirit and the zest for life.

In the entrepreneurial projects micro road show section, four EGs from Tianjin University introduced their projects via elevator presentation, as well as their confusion and challenges.

The entrepreneurship project of 2012 Logistics undergraduate Li Xiang is the handmade carved leaves, which attracted all students, for the reason that the leaves are from the campus of Tianjin University, known as special souvenirs to remember her alma mater. Her questions are: how to expand consumer groups, attract and retain customers and build brands. For different confusion from four EGs, Wei Daoying, Deputy Secretary-General of Tianjin Investment Association and Chen Tianjun, Investment Manager of shareholding crowd funding platform "Cloud Investment Collection", China Science & Merchants Group made comments on their projects.

In the group counselling part, business mentors in the presence further clarified problems and puzzles EGs met; each student identified one of her questions, and then mentors gave a number of recommendations for all the problems. To build brand, using the strategy of media celebrities, enhance brand level. Those are what Li Xiang learnt in this event. She was pleased to have the opportunity to meet mentors from various industries, learned a lot experience and lessons, it is believed that its will be a great help for the improvement of their future business projects and their latter road show. 

Shi Liangxing, Deputy Party Secretary of CoME, Tianjin University, talked about his feelings after hearing students share. Todays road shows are conducted by students from different majors, they lack of considerations of business, management, marketing and customer in communication activities, even if they possess good products and techniques, but it is difficult to sell their products out. If they can make their technical advantages closer to the market and users, and give some knowledge of innovative entrepreneurship, the seeds of innovation and entrepreneurship can be planted in their hearts when they entering society even though they are employees, they can be more professional and down to earth. They will do better when the day of their business start. Professor Shi believes that today's event is not only an entrepreneurship salon, but an innovation and entrepreneurship education class of Xuan Huai College, Tianjin University and arranged a lot of homework to students in class - users, costs, marketing and management, and we hope that students can think about more after this class. Xuan Huai College hopes to become an integrator and community of innovation and entrepreneurship, every business mentor is a "Human Library", we hope mentors can visit Xuan Huai College to share their entrepreneurial stories in the future, I believe that each student could be enlightened. 

This event successfully builds up a bridge of communication between business mentors and entrepreneurship students, students not only gain experience of entrepreneurship, business mentors also learnt a lot. It is believed that there will be more and more entrepreneurs and social elites who possess feelings of entrepreneurship to join the team of mentor, to lit dream and provide support for more students struggling on the way of entrepreneurship.

On Feb. 3rd, Xuan Huai College was officially established and located at CoME, TJU. It will develop entrepreneurial training for students with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial potential, and provide a one-stop service from patent protection of scientific and technological achievements, achievement transformation, and business consulting to venture capital for college students.

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