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    Dear friends, welcome to College of Management and Economics in Tianjin University. As the first college under faculty system reform in 118-year old Tianjin (Peiyang) University, we devote ourselves to exploring the essence of management and economics.

    In the early days of the university, Tianjin (Peiyang) University set up law, civil engineering, mining and metallurgy, and mechanics departments to meet the needs of national construction and train modernized personnel for the country. Generations of Peiyang students have persevered with the school motto of seeking truth from facts. Due to such a deep cultural heritage, our discipline of management and economics developed its own features. As shown in the anthem, we are always seeking after truth and helping reconstruct the country with sound knowledge of modern science and technology, and are encouraged to explore, inherit and innovatively practice the knowledge of management and economics.

    We firmly believe that, excellent education and study on management and economics need a balanced thought. Thus, College of Management and Economics is School of Economics, and is integrated in the diverse university context of strong engineering as well as emerging social science.

    We firmly believe that, a university works to underpin the exchange of great ideas. Thus, we are committed to creating sound communication between teachers and students, knowledge and practice, at home and abroad, so as to help give birth to new knowledge and its applications in the field of management and economics, and create value for human society.

    We firmly believe that, both rigorous methods and creative thinking play an indispensable role in advancing knowledge. Thus, we combine rigorous scientific approaches with active thinking imaging.

    By virtue of institutional reform, improved patterns of learning and  operating, we are committed and will be committed to advancing universal knowledge in the field of management and economics with Chinese characteristics; to cultivating generations of business leaders and politic elites who can combine technology with management, and lead Chinese enterprises and public sectors onto the world stage; to applying innovative knowledge and wisdom to serve the community;to carrying forward the tradition of Tianjin University, the 5000-year culture of China and the eternal civilization of human beings.

    If you seek a highly rewarding business education or share the faith that management works for a better world, I sincerely invite you to communicate with us and experience our events at Management and Economics. 

    We look forward to welcoming you on campus!


Address No.92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China. | Post Code: 300072
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